The Great Room is where our guests have The Great Parties. The complimentary view of the Chisos Mountains is unparalleled and always changing, both day and night.

Just outside The Great Room is "The Star Balcony," where we provide a stunning 24-hour view of nature, including mountain and desert views, sunrises and sunsets, as well as the occasional magnificent thunderstorm. Feel free to sing.

The sky overhead is particularly dark, among the darkest in the U.S., and therefore we can provide a few extra gazillions of stars for you to watch (but don't touch). UFO sightings are optional.

There are many, many electrical outlets for your laptop (even though any type of actual "work" is discouraged). There's bluetooth to broadcast your music through built-in speakers indoors and out.

And there is WiFi service, although there are rumors that our IT guy is actually a ghost, but this is not true. There are absolutely no ghosts in the Perry Mansion because all ghosts are relegated to the nearby Terlingua Cemetery.

There may be some evidence, however, that he could be a poltergeist.

The wooden crown molding in The Great Room was hand carved by assorted members of the Bill Ivey family.

And, in the best Terlingua style, we offer our guests "The Great Bathroom," featuring a vaulted ceiling and an intriguing paisley-ish toilet that is so fascinating it makes it hard to watch what you're doing. Be careful.

A small utility elevator is available to whisk your meals up from the kitchen at glacial speeds. Please note that this elevator is in no way safe for humans to ride. That includes you and all your progeny.

The elevator shaft is built over a secret escape tunnel (now filled) that Howard Perry had created.